eBeam Interactive Device

Get an eBeam edge and access to our online CPTD platform

eBeam Edge+ USB CPTD Rewards Program

eBeams CPTD Rewards Program is designed to ensure that your return on investment into making your school 21st Century, your teaching interactive, and your learning exciting, is supported by the best training that is SACE accredited and available to you anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

eBeam has teamed up with the Tablet Academy Southern Africa, to launch the eBeam CPTD Rewards Program, presenting schools with the opportunity to receive certified training to ensure the correct use of the hardware, software and pedagogy of delivering interactive lessons.

Only R8,495.00



Purchase 1 x eBeam and get access for all your staff to our online eBeam training.

Buy 2 to 4 and get access to our online portal plus a live streaming session.

Buy 5 + and get access to our online portal plus face-to-face training for your staff on how to use the eBeam.