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Empowering Teachers to Teach in the 21st Century Classroom

In a partnership with Project Liberate  (NPO 246-180) and the TTA the Empowering Teachers to Teach in the 21st Century Classroom initiative has been launched. This offering gives teachers access to our online teacher training platform for 12 months, enhancing and supporting their use of technology, soft skills and curriculum in their classrooms and for teaching. Our goal is to reach as many schools and teachers as possible that cannot afford such an offering of support. And through this method of empowering teachers, we will empower students and thus the workforce needed for South Africa.


Maybe you know a teacher that could use this or even the school that your child attends, if you don't know anyone specific we have a list of schools and teachers that have applied, and we will connect you with an individual/s or school/s that have applied. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor or a company wanting to use their Socio-economic development spend towards a great initiative, or you are a teacher or a school that is currently sponsored or would like to be sponsored, click below to find out more in order to see how you can EMPOWER or be EMPOWERED.

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