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Your CPTD Teaching Bundle

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Welcome to the TTA& TASA CPTD Teaching Bundle.

Sign your school up for an annual subscription, and access all the current SACE accredited workshops available.

We add a minimum of one new workshop per month, growing the workshop bank.

Courses are updated annually to ensure the latest version of software or application or teaching tips and tricks are available to your teachers.

Your Teaching CPTD bundle includes:

Here are all the SACE accredited courses that are included and are been loaded into your bundle:

An introduction to using popplet in the classroom
Basic online skills with Google
Bluebot Beginners (currently loading)
Bring student work online with Google Classroom
Create engaging presentations with Google Slides
Create self-marking quizzes with Google Forms
Creative design using colour
Delivering Lessons Remotely using Microsoft Office 365
eBeam Basic Button
Effective use of Powerpoint in the classroom
Engage students with video using YouTube
Excel 2016 Essentials
Flipgrid 101
Getting started with Microsoft Whiteboard
Hybrid Hacks with MS365
Inspire ideas collaboratively with Jamboard
Introduction to Minecraft Education
Learn to teach Scratch Jr.
Making eBooks using Book Creator
Microsoft Forms Essentials
Plickers 101
Powerpoint 365 Essentials
Stream Video Sharing
The Flipped Classroom (ongoing course)
Teaching with micro:bits Beginners (currently loading)
Teaching with Teams
Using ipads for EYFP
Using iPads in the Classroom as a novice
Using Microsoft PowerPoint to support remote learning
Using PowerPoint effectively for Interactive Lessons
Using recording in PowerPoint
Using technology to support literacy
Wakelet 101

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